Wine Enthusiast Douglas Dohrman Discusses the Rise of Urban Wineries in the US

Wine enthusiast Douglas Dohrman recently discussed the rise of urban wineries in the United States, and why it’s a good thing.

Breweries have been center stage in terms of trendy alcohol consumption in cities around America for more than a decade now. The year 2020, may be when breweries start to become runner-up. Wine enthusiast Douglas Dohrman recently discussed the rise of urban wineries in cities across the country, and how they could be the next major alcohol consumption trend.

“We’re seeing the popular brewery trend practically duplicated but specializing in wine,” Douglas Dohrman said. “And that’s not a bad thing.”

Douglas Dohrman, a wine enthusiast with years of experience spent exploring California’s wine country, explained that these are new-age wineries. They’re not necessarily designed for those who enjoy in-depth wine tastings in swanky atmospheres. They’re more rugged and they’re more about the drinking experience rather than what’s in the wine.

Douglas Dohrman added that the trendy wineries popping up in cities across the country look similar to breweries. They feature outdoor settings, live music, games, food trucks, and a generally casual atmosphere — one that hasn’t typically been synonymous with wine tasting. Douglas Dohrman explained that the goal is to bring wine tasting closer to home in a more casual atmosphere.

“Wine enthusiasts may not be interested in these experiences at first,” Douglas Dohrman said. “But once you drop your expectations of wineries and simply enjoy the unique flavors and atmospheres, you’ll probably realize this trend isn’t so bad after all.”

Douglas Dohrman explained that it’s important to wineries to appeal to millennials and younger of-age consumers in addition to the older generations. These younger wine consumers are looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, more affordable prices, and an ability to make their own choices about what types of wine they like. Douglas Dohrman stated that urban wineries are priding themselves on leaving elitist wine culture to the famous wineries in the hills, while they focus on providing unique wines for affordable prices in a fun atmosphere.

“For so long, visiting wineries has been an expensive endeavor,” Douglas Dohrman said. “It involves traveling, tours, critics, recommendations from sommeliers, and costly wines from temperature-controlled cellars.”

Douglas Dohrman added that these new urban wineries are giving wine lovers of all ages opportunities to taste wines that had never been dreamed of before. Experts explain that the wines coming from these urban areas are some of the most exciting they’ve seen, and they could lead to a myriad of new wine flavors.

“We’re all a bit resistant to change at first, especially those of us who have been visiting vineyards for decades,” Douglas Dohrman finished. “Although, those who enter these urban orchards with open minds will likely realize they enjoy the atmosphere and the thought-provoking wines as well.”

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