Douglas Dohrman Championing Advancement in Neuroscience

Working to Improve the Human Condition with Neuroscience

Douglas Dohrman is supporting advancement in neuroscience through his academic pursuits, experience as an editor and dedication to helping peers with their research. Given the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience, Douglas Dohrman is championing multiple technical fields.

Neuroscience combines disciplines such as anatomy, molecular biology, mathematical modeling and physiology among others. Through these fields of research, Douglas Dohrman is enhancing the scope and understanding of the neurological sciences. He has conducted his own research and has helped peer review important articles and papers that test the understanding of the human neurological system.

As a freelance editor, Douglas Dohrman has helped numerous researchers, academics, practitioners and authors hone their writing skills. Communicating concepts and premises in a professional manner takes the skill and experience someone like Douglas Dohrman. He has insight into neurological issues and the academic credentials indicative of his PhD in neuroscience. Douglas Dohrman has helped writers optimize their content to have the greatest impact on audiences.

Advancements in neuroscience are leading to new discoveries in medical treatments for nervous system diseases. As a result, this is enhancing the quality of life for patients around the world and changing the dynamics of the field. Douglas Dohrman supports innovative approaches to disease treatments leveraging the latest research and technology to identify and remedy neurological issues. Helping people is one of the key benefits of this field.

Integrating technology and electronic devices into patients is an emerging discussion in neuroscience.  Douglas Dohrman supports the safe, equitable and responsible use of technology in correcting neurological issues or potentially enhancing patients’ natural capabilities. This exciting and new approach to neuroscience has the potential to take life to new heights and possibilities.

In addition to his work helping authors, Douglas Dohrman brings awareness to neuroscience through education and helping students to understand the nuances of the field. He coaches individuals that are interested in learning about the science and is focused on expanding the subject into college classrooms in greater purview. He is championing the betterment of the field for the sake of the community.

Douglas Dohrman earned his BS in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa and his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa. He continues to study the human nervous system and the multiple specialties within the field. His interests outside of advancing neuroscience include wine, travel and politics.

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