Douglas Dohrman Talks About The Importance of Cooking Your Own Meals

Douglas Dohrman Talks About The Importance of Cooking Your Own Meals

Douglas Dohrman is a master chef who loves to cook his own food. However, he notices that many people prefer to eat out than cook their own meals at home. This can be a major problem if you’re on a budget, but you’re seeking convenience rather than cooking food for yourself. Thankfully, Douglas Dohrman is here to explain the importance of cooking your own meals at home to avoid the many problems that eating at restaurants can present to you.

The first thing that Douglas Dohrman states is that cooking your meals at home saves you a lot of money. Eating out can become incredibly costly at the price of convenience. The problem with this is that the markup for food at a restaurant is much higher than it would be for a meal that you cook at home. Thankfully, your favorite meals at a restaurant can be cooked at home. You can enjoy your favorite items on the menu at Chilli’s and more if you look up the recipes online.

Douglas Dohrman also says that you can find healthier ingredients in the store whenever you cook for yourself. Unfortunately, many restaurants use “extra” ingredients to preserve the items that they serve. For example, they use preservatives to keep their menu items lasting longer so that they can manage their inventory more efficiently. Fast food is just as worse as almost every restaurant out there uses some form of preservatives to keep their food from spoiling which can be incredibly harmful to your health.

Douglas Dohrman says that people who have food allergies can have an easier time picking the ingredients that they need in order to stay healthy. People who have gluten allergies may not always be safe whenever they order food from restaurants. Try as they might, some gluten may come into contact with your food and cause an allergic reaction. Douglas Dohrman says that people with allergy problems should most certainly stick to making their own food at home in order to be safe.

Finally, Douglas Dohrman says that meal prep can save you a ton of time in the future for the effort that you put in now. Meal prepping can go a long way if you take the time to prep your food. This will save you time and money later in your week if you spend one day out of the week to cook as much as you can. Douglas Dohrman encourages people to use their creativity to find the best ways to cook at home to avoid the problems mentioned before to stay healthy and avoid overspending when it comes to eating out.

Douglas Dohrman Championing Advancement in Neuroscience

Working to Improve the Human Condition with Neuroscience

Douglas Dohrman is supporting advancement in neuroscience through his academic pursuits, experience as an editor and dedication to helping peers with their research. Given the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience, Douglas Dohrman is championing multiple technical fields.

Neuroscience combines disciplines such as anatomy, molecular biology, mathematical modeling and physiology among others. Through these fields of research, Douglas Dohrman is enhancing the scope and understanding of the neurological sciences. He has conducted his own research and has helped peer review important articles and papers that test the understanding of the human neurological system.

As a freelance editor, Douglas Dohrman has helped numerous researchers, academics, practitioners and authors hone their writing skills. Communicating concepts and premises in a professional manner takes the skill and experience someone like Douglas Dohrman. He has insight into neurological issues and the academic credentials indicative of his PhD in neuroscience. Douglas Dohrman has helped writers optimize their content to have the greatest impact on audiences.

Advancements in neuroscience are leading to new discoveries in medical treatments for nervous system diseases. As a result, this is enhancing the quality of life for patients around the world and changing the dynamics of the field. Douglas Dohrman supports innovative approaches to disease treatments leveraging the latest research and technology to identify and remedy neurological issues. Helping people is one of the key benefits of this field.

Integrating technology and electronic devices into patients is an emerging discussion in neuroscience.  Douglas Dohrman supports the safe, equitable and responsible use of technology in correcting neurological issues or potentially enhancing patients’ natural capabilities. This exciting and new approach to neuroscience has the potential to take life to new heights and possibilities.

In addition to his work helping authors, Douglas Dohrman brings awareness to neuroscience through education and helping students to understand the nuances of the field. He coaches individuals that are interested in learning about the science and is focused on expanding the subject into college classrooms in greater purview. He is championing the betterment of the field for the sake of the community.

Douglas Dohrman earned his BS in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa and his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa. He continues to study the human nervous system and the multiple specialties within the field. His interests outside of advancing neuroscience include wine, travel and politics.

Douglas Dohrman Shares The Lessons & Gifts Of Having A Child With Down Syndrome

Every parent can agree that the job is very challenging. Douglas Dohrman explained that being the parent of a daughter with Down syndrome has all of the same challenges as parenting a typical child. There are situations that require more patience and there are unique challenges with a special needs child. However, there are also rewards and gifts for Douglas Dohrman and other parents of children with Down syndrome.

Every year 1 out of 1,000 babies are born with Down Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that is caused by an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. It is the most common chromosomal disorder in the entire United States. Douglas Dohrman has a daughter with Down Syndrome and he shared the lessons and gifts being her parent.

Douglas Dohrman explained that a critical characteristic of parenting a special needs child is patience. A lot of patience. More patience than you ever thought you needed. Children with special needs, and Down syndrome, have different timelines for development. They are in fact each very individual in the level of their needs and accommodations to be successful in school and life.

Overall, an essential lesson Douglas Dohrman shared was to accept your child for who they are on the inside and the outside. His daughter has an extra chromosome and recognizable facial features, but she is not entirely defined by the label of Down syndrome.

Celebrating the successes, big and small, is also a key to embracing the gift of having a child with Down syndrome. One of Douglas Dohrman’s best moments in life was when his daughter was named Homecoming Queen for her high school. His daughter was well-loved in her school community. Douglas Dohrman heard many teachers and fellow students remark about how kind and loving his daughter was during her time at her school. She served as an inspiration to the school community, and also to her father.

The overall lesson of being a parent of a daughter with Down syndrome for Douglas Dohrman is that there are both challenges and gifts. Most of life is filled with challenging and rewarding people and situations. It comes down to how you embrace those moments and individuals that give the true and richest gifts of life.

Douglas Dohrman was raised in a small farming town in Iowa before earning a BS in Biology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. His postdoctoral fellowship work was at the University of California, San Francisco Department of Neurology. While living in the San Francisco area he traveled with his family and friends to wine country where he fell in love with everything related to wine. He is a devoted husband and father to 3 children, including one daughter with Down syndrome.

Douglas Dohrman

Douglas Dohrman Discusses the Best Places to Live in the San Francisco Bay Area

Former San Francisco resident Douglas Dohrman discusses the best places to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Former San Francisco resident Douglas Dohrman recalls his time living in the city as one of the best periods of his life. He explains that the city’s unbeatable location and endless attractions led to countless adventures that are difficult to recreate in other cities around the country and around the globe.

Douglas Dohrman lived in the city for years, taking advantage of its award-winning dining options, symphonies, ballets, nearby hiking, and easy day trips to iconic national parks and more. Douglas Dohrman knows the city of San Francisco inside and out, and he recently discussed the best neighborhoods for newcomers to call home.

“Choosing a neighborhood when you first move to a new city can be intimidating,” Douglas Dohrman said. “You want to put down roots, but if you put them down in the wrong place, you may find yourself having to move within a short amount of time.”

Douglas Dohrman explained the Castro neighborhood is an excellent choice for all types of newcomers, from singles to couples and entire families. It has long been popular among residents who identify as gay, but it’s a neighborhood that’s incredibly diverse and accepting. You won’t receive shady looks for being a newcomer in the Castro, which is conveniently located just five minutes from the Civic Center.

“Anyone coming to San Francisco for its creative scene will enjoy living in the Mission,” Douglas Dohrman said. “This is a neighborhood that’s popular among singles and couples, and most of the stand-alone houses have been converted into several apartments.”

Douglas Dohrman explained that the Mission District is one of the best places to explore on foot, with bars, businesses, and restaurants lining the street. Street art, culture, and Latino food are a few major draws for young people and creatives.

“A lot of people think you need to move to the suburbs if you want to have a family, but that’s not the case in San Francisco,” Douglas Dohrman said. “A lot of families live in the charming community of Noe Valley.”

Noe Valley may not be the most trendy neighborhood in the city, but that doesn’t mean it’s not overflowing with restaurants, stores, pubs, coffee shops, and yoga studios. It’s a favorite among families for its long list of amenities without having to live the suburban life. Easy access to Whole Foods and a large Safeway grocery store are major bonuses of living here.

“San Francisco is an open-minded and welcoming city,” Douglas Dohrman said. “The ideal neighborhood can easily vary from person to person, but the Mission, Noe Valley, and the Castro are a few I would recommend to any newcomer.”

Douglas Dohrman Reflects on Education and Main Loves in Life

Editor Douglas Dohrman opens up about his time in Iowa, California, and Texas respectively, and talks about education, travel, interests, family, and more as he reflects on life so far.

From his years of university study in Iowa and his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California in San Francisco to today being a proud father of three with a love of travel, wine, and cooking, now based in College Station, Texas, Douglas Dohrman has been happily married for more than three decades. A successful editor with an interest in neuroscience, addiction, and politics, Dohrman provides a closer look at life in eastern Texas as he reflects on his education, upbringing, personal interests, hobbies, home life, and more.

“I was born and raised in a small farm town in Iowa, around 1,000 miles north of my current home in eastern Texas,” explains Douglas Dohrman, speaking from his residence in the popular Brazos County city of College Station. “I earned a BS in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa,” he goes on, “before completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California in San Francisco in the Department of Neurology.”

His journey west to California from his small Iowa hometown saw Douglas Dohrman develop a keen interest in wine, he says. “After settling in California, I developed a love of wine and spent much time traveling to the wine country and learning all I could,” explains Dohrman.

Despite his time spent living in and traveling across much of California, Douglas Dohrman has always been very close to his family, he says, and enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties for family and friends alike. “I still maintain a love of travel, however,” Dohrman adds, “and hugely enjoy visiting new places with my wife and our three children.”

A devoted husband and father, the birth of his daughter with Down Syndrome changed Douglas Dohrman and his family’s life forever. “Of all of my achievements in life, I’m the most proud of my family,” adds the Iowa native, “and what we’ve accomplished together.”

Douglas Dohrman and his wife met while lab partners in a biology class, and have now been happily married for over 30 years. “Besides the birth of my children, some of my fondest memories have been of the time that my wife and I lived in San Francisco,” reveals the successful editor and wine aficionado. “We did a lot of traveling, going out to symphonies and ballets, dining out, and hiking and cycling through beautiful areas such as Yosemite and around Lake Tahoe,” adds Dohrman.

Both keen travelers, the young pair made numerous trips to Hawaii, plus regular weekend visits to San Diego, Seattle, British Columbia, Mexico, and elsewhere, enjoying everything from snow skiing to beautiful beaches. “I’ve also spent a lot of vacation time in Colorado,” Douglas further points out, “where my family has a cabin that my grandparents purchased the same year I was born.”

Asked to pick a highlight from life so far, Douglas Dohrman is quick to respond. “One of the best nights of my life was when my daughter with Down Syndrome was named Homecoming Queen at her high school,” reveals the proud father of three. “I heard so many stories from teachers and parents about how much she was loved, how sweet she was to everyone, and what an inspiration she was to all,” adds Douglas Dohrman in closing, “that I couldn’t possibly be more proud of her.”

Wine Enthusiast Douglas Dohrman Discusses the Rise of Urban Wineries in the US

Wine enthusiast Douglas Dohrman recently discussed the rise of urban wineries in the United States, and why it’s a good thing.

Breweries have been center stage in terms of trendy alcohol consumption in cities around America for more than a decade now. The year 2020, may be when breweries start to become runner-up. Wine enthusiast Douglas Dohrman recently discussed the rise of urban wineries in cities across the country, and how they could be the next major alcohol consumption trend.

“We’re seeing the popular brewery trend practically duplicated but specializing in wine,” Douglas Dohrman said. “And that’s not a bad thing.”

Douglas Dohrman, a wine enthusiast with years of experience spent exploring California’s wine country, explained that these are new-age wineries. They’re not necessarily designed for those who enjoy in-depth wine tastings in swanky atmospheres. They’re more rugged and they’re more about the drinking experience rather than what’s in the wine.

Douglas Dohrman added that the trendy wineries popping up in cities across the country look similar to breweries. They feature outdoor settings, live music, games, food trucks, and a generally casual atmosphere — one that hasn’t typically been synonymous with wine tasting. Douglas Dohrman explained that the goal is to bring wine tasting closer to home in a more casual atmosphere.

“Wine enthusiasts may not be interested in these experiences at first,” Douglas Dohrman said. “But once you drop your expectations of wineries and simply enjoy the unique flavors and atmospheres, you’ll probably realize this trend isn’t so bad after all.”

Douglas Dohrman explained that it’s important to wineries to appeal to millennials and younger of-age consumers in addition to the older generations. These younger wine consumers are looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, more affordable prices, and an ability to make their own choices about what types of wine they like. Douglas Dohrman stated that urban wineries are priding themselves on leaving elitist wine culture to the famous wineries in the hills, while they focus on providing unique wines for affordable prices in a fun atmosphere.

“For so long, visiting wineries has been an expensive endeavor,” Douglas Dohrman said. “It involves traveling, tours, critics, recommendations from sommeliers, and costly wines from temperature-controlled cellars.”

Douglas Dohrman added that these new urban wineries are giving wine lovers of all ages opportunities to taste wines that had never been dreamed of before. Experts explain that the wines coming from these urban areas are some of the most exciting they’ve seen, and they could lead to a myriad of new wine flavors.

“We’re all a bit resistant to change at first, especially those of us who have been visiting vineyards for decades,” Douglas Dohrman finished. “Although, those who enter these urban orchards with open minds will likely realize they enjoy the atmosphere and the thought-provoking wines as well.”